Who is CWDS Pty Ltd?

cwds has prized it's self on accuracy and detail in commercial aluminium windows and doors, whilst remaining cost effective with a broad range of products. We can deliver what is promised and most importantly, on time and defect free! Our goal is to expand well into the commercial market and head the industry as the market leader with already over 10 years of experience.



YES! we fit commercial windows and doors to residential houses and we will remove your old, out dated windows and install your new custom built commercial windows.


Framed, Framless, Sliding, it doesnt matter. CWDS can provide any type of door you need.

Bi Fold Doors

This is the perfect way to create an indoor/outdoor entertainment enviroment. They can be configured to tild in any direction or fold to both sides

Automatic Doors

We are one of three authorised agents for Dorma Australia - The world leaders in automatic doors and door hardware. We can automate almost any door and at a cost that will be cheaper than any othe compeditor due to our relationship with Dorma

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Why CWDS Pty Ltd?

CWDS is a boutique company that specialises in work that requires a high level of expertise and accuracy. We pride ourselves on our superior level of tradesmanship and are often involved from the ground up in both the design and implementation, working closely with architects, builders and owners. We can provide detailed computer aided drawings to assist you with the visual aspects prior to commencing your project. For further information, advice or quotation please contact us